Virtualization is an essential part of most new IT projects. The benefits and added functionality it brings to system architecture will eventually justify for the higher initial financial costs of acquiring this solution.

Key benefits:

  • lower operating costs for cooling and energy intake,
  • significantly higher availability of systems,
  • more effective and flexible management of virtual instances.

The higher density of virtual instances running on one physical server greatly reduces total number of physical servers needed. This will result in lower overall power, cooling and space requirements.

Higher availability of systems is achieved by technologies and functionalities:

  • vMotion (Live Migration),
  • High Availability,
  • Fault Tolerance,
  • High Availability for applications (HA App),
  • quick backup and recovery.

Management of virtual instances is straightforward, and it does not depend on type of hardware platform involved. Deployment of new virtual instances is also independent. This system stands out for its simple management, preparation of virtual server patterns and the speed of creating a new instance.

The virtual server instance is basically a directory containing standard files, which portability is very simple and offers the ability too quick backup and restore. At the same time, it enables effective within-site or site-to-site replication as a cost-effective disaster recovery solution.

Undeniable benefits have naturally integrated virtualization as standard platform in IT systems architecture.

Our consultants are ready to analyze your current environment or a new project that you are interested in virtualizing and offer you a solution tailored exactly to meet your needs. We will design solution completely and comprehensively, from computing, date and network resources, through licensing coverage of virtualization and operating systems to migration and implementation services.