Majority of information system is nowadays operating on processor platform x64. They are mainly manufactured by Intel and AMD. There is a wide range of available serves on the market. Small servers for small businesses, tower and rack servers for medium companies and blade servers with maximal density of computed performance in your rack.  

We give you short list of factors, that should be considered while buying server of platform x64:

  • Form factor (tower, rack, blade)
  • Computed performance (quantity, class and speed of processors, support of virtualization)
  • Size of operative memory
  • Size of intern and extern disc space for operative system, applications and data
  • Protection of data via RAID technologies
  • Quantity and width of network interfaces (very important for virtualization)
  • Redundancy of sources and fans
  • Solution of energy intake (usage of uninterrupted voltage sources)
  • Expansion licenses ( management, remote graphic screen and virtual devices, more effective control of energy intake)
  • Expanded server services (extended guarantee, accelerated service, service with warranted repair time, proactive support)
  • Way of connection to keyboard, mouse and screen
  • Placement of rack

Altrinia company offers x64 servers of noticeable manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard, IBM, DELL, Huawei and others.